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* Processor: Samsung Exynos 4412, Cortex A9 Quad Core @1.6GHz
* RAM: 2GB
* Storage: 4GB eMMC
* Interface: 2x USB Host, 1x USB OTG, RS485, RS232, CAN, Ethernet, HDMI, HSIC, MIPI-CSI, HS-SPI, RTC, Micro SD, SIM, Camera, LCD, Keypad, Audio, SPK
* Operating system: Linux3.5, Android4.0/4.2.2/4.4.4
* Board size: 148mm x 108.4mm
* Expansion Module: 3G model, GPS, WiFi, Camera, LCD


The EM4412 is a Full Feature Quad Core ARM cortex-A9 Motherboard which provides an ideal platform to test performance and scalability prior to engaging in BOARDCON’s quick turn custom design services for a feature specific product design, using Samsung's Exynos4412@ multimedia CPU which is Samsung Galaxy SII's main controller. The EM4412 has the standard I/O including a real-time clock, dual USB interface, watchdog timer, audio support, 24-bit LVDS and TFT flat panel display, HDMI, PWM outputs, RS485 and CAN. Also it provides 3G, WIFI, GPS, 5M pixels Camera, Resistive and Capacitive touch screen tailor made according to your application. The board comes with Android4.4 and Linux3.5 OS. The user can use EM4412 as an embedding controlling central, you can 100% concentrate on your software applications development. Also you can just order the CPU Module, we provide schematic drawing, pin definition and source code example for you reference such as LCD, GPIO, SD. You make decision for your product. The EM4412 is ideal for vision intensive applications, multi-processor applications, POS, Slot Machine, and Car Mounted systems.

Boardcon offers a full, turn-key development kit including the board and all the specified high-density breakout cables, debugging cables, and terminal breakout boards as well as sample software and additional support materials. This combined with our highly-trained Technical support Team, greatly decreases your development time and ultimately your time-to-market. To order your turn-key Development Kit today.