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* Processor: Samsung ARM Cortex-A8 S5PV210AH @1GHz
* RAM: 256/512MB
* Storage: 512MB/1GB/2GB/4GB/8GB/32GB
* Pin out: Ethernet, USB HOST, USB OTG, UART, SPI, IIC, RTC, EXTINT, Audio, HDMI, etc.
* Operating system: Linux2.6.32, WinCE6.0(R3), Android4.0
* Board size: 59.9mm x 61.55mm
* Package: 230-pin, 1.0mm pitch


The Boardcon CM210-III is a full function embedded system on module based on S5PV210AH processor in small size and designed for communication, healthcare, automation, transportation, multimedia advertising, high performance POS machine, and surveillance applications with a Custom base board.