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* Processor: Atmel AT91SAM9X35 @ 400 MHz
* RAM: 64/128MB DDR2
* Storage: 256MB/512MB/1GB
* Pin out: 5x UART, 3x USB2.0 Hos, LCD, Ethernet, 2x SDMMC, Audio I/O, I2C, SPI, PWM, GPIO, etc.
* Operating system: Linux2.6.39
* Board size: 40mm x 40mm
* Compatible module: MINI2416, MINI287
* Package: 120-pin, 1.27mm pitch


CM9X35 is an ARM9 based Computer-on-Module (CoM) designed by Boardcon, integrated with multi-functional embedded hardware based on Atmel’s AT91SAM9X35 industrial processor.
The module is featuring a rich set of connectivity and user interface peripherals, including Ethernet MAC and CAN. The graphics LCD controller features 4-layer overlay and 2D acceleration and a 10-bit ADC that supports 4-wire resistive touchscreen panels. Additional interfaces include a soft modem supporting exclusively the Conexant SmartDAA line driver, High Speed USB OTG and Host, Full Speed USB Host, HS SDCard/SDIO/MMC interfaces, UARTs, SPIs, I2S and TWIs.
CM9X35 is ideally suited for a variety of embedded control HMI (human machine interface) applications including industrial control terminals, intelligent instruments, medical products, network terminals as well as data acquisition and analysis.

Boardcon is a confirmed third party partner of Atmel, welcome to use Boardcon's Atmel products!

 MINI9X35 system on module