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* Processor: Rockchip RK3566 Quad-core Cortex-A55, 1.8 GHz
* RAM: 1/2/4/8GB
* Storage: 4/8/16/32/64/128GB
* Pin out: LVDS/MIPI DSI, MIPI CSI, I2S, HDMI, 2x USB2.0 Host, 1x USB3.0, 1x USB2.0 OTG, 2x SDMMC, I2C, SPI, 8x UART, 1x Debug serial port, PWM, ADC IN
* Operating system: Android 12, Debian 11, Buildroot
* Board size: 40 x 47mm
* Package: 186-pin, 0.9mm pitch
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     EM3566 SBC

Rockchip RK3566 is a mid-range SoC launched by Rockchip in 2020. It is an upgrade version of the classic RK3288.The CM3566 SOM is a RK3566 quad-core system-on-module that comes with ARM Cortex-A55 cores, a Mali-G52-2EE GPU and a 1-TOPS NPU. The ARM architecture and advanced process brings higher performance and power efficiency. Up to 8M@30fps processing power, supporting time-sharing and multiplexing dual camera. RK3566 supports 4KP60 H.264/H.265/VP9 and other formats HD decoding and 1080p 60fps H.264 and H.265 format encoding. The build-in NPU supports INT8/INT16/FP16/BFP16 MAC hybrid operation. In addition, with the rich interfaces and many high-speed peripherals, the CM3566 SOM performance is good enough for many applications, from multimedia human-machine interaction, to computer vision to robotics.

RK3566 system on module CM3566-RK3566-SOM

RK3566 VS RK3288

Processor RK3566 RK3288
Lithography 22nm 28nm
CPU Quad-core 64-bit Cortex-A55 @1.8GHz Quad-core 32-bit Cortex-A17 @1.8GHz
GPU ARM G52 2EE ARM Mali-T764
AI accelerator (NPU) 1 TOPS N/A
Storage NOR flash, SPI NAND, eMMC 5.1, 8K OTP MLC NAND Flash, eMMC 4.5, SD/MMC Interface (SD 3.0, MMC ver 4.5)
Display Support eDP1.3, HDMI2.0, MIPI, LVDS, T-CON. Dual-display support. Support eDP1.1, HDMI2.0, RGB, Dual LVDS, Dual MIPI
VPU Video decode 4Kp60 H.264/H.265/VP9 4Kp60 HEVC;
4K2K@24fps: H.264, MPEG-2, VP6/VP8, MVC;
1080p: MPEG-4, Sorenson Spark, VC-1, RV8/RV9/RV10, and AVS;
720×576: H.263
Video encode 1080p60 H.264/H.265 1080p30: H.264, MVC, and VP8
Camera I/F 8M ISP with HDR
4-lane / 2x 2-lane MIPI CSI2 @ 2.5 Gbps per lane
16-bit DVP camera support with BT.656/601/1120
12-bit CCIR/Camera I/F up to 5MP
MIPI CSI2 I/F up to 14MP
8/10/12-bit raw data interface
Audio 8-channel I2S/TDM, 2x 2-channel I2S
8-channel PDM
S/PDIF out
Networking 1x Gigabit Ethernet (GMAC) 1x GMAC (RMII/RGMII)
USB 2x USB 2.0 Host
1x USB 2.0 OTG
USB 3.0 Host
2x USB 2.0 Host
1x USB 2.0 OTG
PCIe PCIe 2.1 1x1 lane N/A
Other I/Os SDIO 3.0
10x UART, 4x SPI, 16x PWM, 6x I2C, 2x SARADC
3x SPI, 6x I2C, 5x UART, 4x PWM, 2x DMAC, 160 GPIO