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* Processor: Samsung ARM9 S3C2440A ARM920T @400MHz
* RAM: 64/128MB SDRAM
* NOR Flash: 2MB
* Storage: 128/256/512MB/1GB
* Pin out: 3x UART, 2x USB1.1 Host, RGB, Camera I/F, SD, ADC, SPI, JTAG, I2S, I2C, GPIO, etc.
* Operating system: Linux 2.6.25/30, Windows CE6.0
* Board size: 37mmx 74mm
Compatible moduleMINI2416-III, MINI210-III
* Connectors: 2.0mm pitch, (2x12+2x36)pins Pin Header


The MINI2440 is an ARM9-based, small form factor, OEMable system on module populated with the S3C2440A. Samsung ARM9 S3C2440A ARM920T MCU, 128MB/256MB SDRAM, 256MB~1GB SLC NAND Flash, 2MB NOR Flash. Supporting Wince6.0, Linux2.6.30 Embeddded Operating system. Rich peripherals such as USB, Ethernet, and integrated LCD controller make this arm9 core module the ideal candidate for embedded applications requiring high performance and low power consumption.
Apart from the different processors, MINI2440, MINI210-III, and MINI2416-III share the same motherboard.