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Samsung 12-Layer 3D-TSV Chip Packaging Technology

Author:   Date: 2019-10-08

Samsung isn’t just a leader in the mobile market. It’s also one of the top brands when it comes to semiconductors. Not many people realize it but Samsung Electronics offers advanced semiconductor technology to many businesses and industries. While the mobile division works on premium flagships, improve on foldable phones, and releases mid-range devices, its electronics group has also been working on different sensors, chips, and processors. The latest is a 12-layer 3D-TSV technology.
TSV means Through Silicon Via. The product is a packaging solution for the mass production of high-performance chips. It’s a challenging feat because it needs pinpoint accuracy in interconnecting those 12 DRAM chips vertically. They should pass through a 3D configuration of over 60,000 TSV holes.

Samsung Electronics’ Executive VP of TSP (Test & System Package), Hong-Joo Baek, said: “Packaging technology that secures all of the intricacies of ultra-performance memory is becoming tremendously important, with the wide variety of new-age applications, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and High Power Computing (HPC).”
Samsung has described the package as something with a thickness of 720㎛, same as the 8-layer High Bandwidth Memory-2 (HBM2) products. Maintaining the size will help the consumers work on and release next-gen products sans having to frequently revise system configuration designs.

Samsung has always wanted to be the first in technology including chip packaging. It’s possible but we can’t be sure because tech is ever-evolving. Samsung always needs to adapt to the times.

With this 12-layer 3D-TSV technology, the South Korean tech giant can deliver the highest DRAM performance for apps in the market today–even those that need ultra-speed and data-intensive. In the near future, Samsung will be able to deliver a 24GB High Bandwidth Memory. That’s 8GB times three so imagine how fast a mobile device can be.