* Processor: Samsung S5PV210AH-A0, ARM Cortex-A8 @1GHz
* RAM: 512MB
* NAND Flash: 512MB ~ 16GB SLC/MLC/eMMC NAND optional
* Pin out: Ethernet, USB HOST, USB OTG, UART, HS-SPI, TSI, I2C, 16bit Data bus, 16bit Address bus, SPDIF, 6-CH I2S Audio codec interface, SD, AC97, etc.
* Operating system: Android4.0
* Board size: 67.6mm x 47.6mm
* Interface connection: SODIMM200 card edge interface & DF12-50P


CM210-IV is a COM module form factor based on the latest low power RISC controllers and embedded interfaces. Ideally suited for embedded applications, a variety of easy to use interfaces are available. The design of the CM210-IV S5PV210 module is based on SAMSUNG new Cortex A8 CPU technology offering high performance, lowest power consumption and a high degree of functional integration for entry level embedded applications.

CM210-IV front view