* Processor: Samsung S5PV210AH-A0, ARM Cortex-A8 @1GHz
* RAM: 512MB
* NAND Flash: 512MB ~ 16GB SLC/MLC/eMMC NAND optional
* Interface: 1x USB Host, 1x USB OTG, 5x RS232, 1x RS485, LCD, Audio, TF, SD, 2x Camera , RFID, SAM card, Ethernet, JTAG, HDMI, IIC, HS-SP, VGA, TVOUT, Video IN, WIFI, MIPICS, 3G, SIM, WIFI, RTC
* Operating system: Android4.0
* Board size: 193.5mm x 148.5mm


EM210-I is a high-performance embedded development board which is based upon Samsung S5PV210AH-A0 ARM Cortex-A8 Core. Compared with EM210, EM210-I is more perfect function. In addition to general interface such as HDMI, USB OTG / HOST, Ethernet and Video, EM210-I also has Dual Audio-Codec, MIPI, T-Flash, SAM_card and SIM_card, supports Camera, RFID, GPS, WIFI and WCDMA modules. Both Android2.3 and Android4.0 can be run on the platform.
EM210-I SBC is modular in design, the CPU board (CM210-IV) connects to the carrier board with individual SO-DIMM200 or B2B interface. It is easy to upgrade and maintain and ideally suited for embedded applications such as gaming computers, industrial panel pc.

EM210-I Angle viewEM210-I SBC Board