* Processor: Samsung S3C2416, ARM926EJ @400MHz
* RAM: 64MB
* NAND Flash: 256MB/512MB/1GB optional
* Interface: 1x USB host, 1x USB OTG, 4x COM, Audio, Ethernet, PS, SMB BUS, SD, LCD(LVDS), VGA, JTAG
* Operating system: Linux2.6.21, WinCE6.0
* Board size: 161.92mm x 111.12mm


KIT2416 development board is based on ARM9 S3C2416 microprocessor, which is designed by Samsung in the second half of year 2008. The ARM chip S3C2416 can take the place of S3C2440A. It is with a clock speed of 400MHz, contains 2D graphics acceleration video card which support common graphics acceleration function such as DirectDraw and GDI. The resolution of the video card is up to 1024*1024 pixels. And besides, S3C2416 supports both MLC and SLC NAND Flash memory. S3C2416 supports booting from SD, USB, OneNand, NOR Flash and NAND Flash, to speed up the debugging and development for the upper application and low-level drivers greatly.

The ARM9 S3C2416 embedded linux board is using the structure of CPU board and mother board. The CPU board integrated S3C2416 arm9 processor, 64MB Mobile DDR2 SDRAM, 256MB NAND Flash, 10/100M ethernet control chip SMSC LAN9221 and AC97 voice control chip WM8731. The CPU board size is 40mm x 40mm x 8mm(Length*Width*Thickness). It's seamless welded on the mother board directly. The mother board is customizable. It integrates very rich interface resources for redevelopment, these resources include: VGA interface, ps/2 keyboard interface, RS232, 100M Ethernet RJ45 interface, LVDS interface, TFT-LCD interface and digital I/O interface and so on. Besides, the drivers and the development cases in WinCE6.0 and Linux 2.6 help users with updating and replacing products quickly. The development board has passed the high and low temperature testing, to suitable for a variety of industrial application under the complex environment.

KIT2416 development boardKIT2416 development KIT image