* Processor: Samsung ARM926EJS S3C2416 @400MHz
* RAM: 128MB
* NAND Flash: 128MB/ 256MB/512MB/1GB optional
* Interface: 2x USB Host, 1x USB Device, 4x UART(RJ11), 1x RS232(DB9), LCD, Audio, RTC, SD, WIFI, 2G(GSM/GPRS), SIM, Ethernet, GPIO, JTAG
* Operating system: Linux2.6.21
* Board size: 123mm x 177mm

     EM2416-I CPU Board

EM2416-I is a high cost-effective ARM Linux Development Board which is based on the new Samsung® ARM9 CPU offering high performance, lowest power consumption and a high degree of functional integration for entry level embedded applications. The CPU is with main frequency of 400MHz and contains 2D graphics acceleration video card which supports common graphics acceleration function such as DirectDraw and GDI. The maximum resolution of the video card is up to 1024*1024 pixels. The s3c2416 ARM9 CPU also has the following functions: supporting USB2.0 high-speed interface, SD/MMC2.0 protocol interface, high-speed SPI interface protocol (the maximum speed is 50Mbps), and so on. In addition, S3C2416 supports a variety of startup modes, such as SD card, USB, OneNand, Norflash and Nandflash, so it greatly accelerates the debugging and development of the upper applications and underlying drivers.
EM2416-I SBC implements all the features of S3C2416, and it is designed specifically for business users who develop consumer electronics, industrial control, vehicle navigation, PDA and other electronic products.

The board includes the MINI2416-III SOM and Carrier Board.

EM2416-I ARM9 SBC board